Fall In Love With Raging Heroes’ Valentine’s Day Miniatures

February 4, 2022 by brennon

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Raging Heroes has announced their new Valentine's Day miniatures for the month of February. Why not fall in love with these new 32mm Fantasy miniatures that will literally rip the heart out of your chest?

Romellian - Raging Heroes

Romellian // Raging Heroes

There are two miniatures for you to choose from that are limited to this month. The first of these is the mighty Romellian who has torn the heart out of the last foe that dared to challenge him and his partner on the battlefield. I like the idea of this being his "calling card" or perhaps he needs the hearts of his enemies to fuel the magic of his sword?

The next of the miniature is Romellian's partner, the deadly Julianthi.

Julianthi - Raging Heroes

Julianthi // Raging Heroes

I get the idea that she, in a very anime way, basically just walks across the battlefield cutting her foes into ribbons without breaking a step. She has a cruel and fanged blade that looks perfect for the task. As per their description, their love was "born in the blood of the battlefield".

These miniatures can be picked up individually or you can snap both of them up at the same time. It would be odd to separate them I guess?

Romellian & Julianthi - Raging Heroes

Romellian & Julianthi // Raging Heroes

I like the idea of them being dropped into your games as fated lovers, perhaps from High Elven and Dark Elven stock. Perhaps their love has always been forbidden but they find a way to make it work and kick the ass of anyone who says otherwise.

You could use them as an impressive pair of foes in a long-running roleplaying campaign I reckon. Imagine having to chase these two across the continent!

What do you make of these Valentine offerings?

"You could use them as an impressive pair of foes in a long-running roleplaying campaign I reckon..."

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