Void & Lust Elves Soon From Raging Heroes Led By The HUGE Shaah

June 8, 2016 by brennon

Raging Heroes have been doing a lot to build on their Toughest Girls of the Galaxy range but they also have plans coming together for both their Void & Lust Elves which work in your games of Fantasy and Sci-Fi. Regardless of the genre they will most likely be lead by the massive Avatar of Shaah...


As you can see here the Avatar is massive, standing much taller than the regular infantry that these guys make. Could this possibly be the biggest model they've made to date? To get a better idea of the size you can see the measurements below.

Shaah (Scale)

Passing on the benefits of Kickstarter this model was increased in size by the team but at no extra cost to the backers. That's a nice thing to do!

Cruel Elves

Building on from the epic manifestation of their power we also have some other Elves who are showing others who is boss. Here we have Senshyrha who has a couple of Elves in chains at her feet.


This fits in with their Sci-Fi range and as you can imagine would probably create a nice (not sure if nice is the right word!) diorama for your army on the tabletop. Here we also have the Fantasy version of her...

Senshyrha (Fantasy)

Maybe a cabal at the back of the army where the characters watch the action.

We also have Yscarloth here for their Sci-Fi range who is show messing around with the corpses of the dead after a battle. That is one scary lady.


A very cool looking miniature. I like all of the additional twitching and writhing hands extending out of her back just looking for some more bodies to play with.

Elven Troops

Last but not least we also have some troops for the Void Elves with these Hunters.

Void Elves Hunters

This could make up your standard pool of warriors for your Sci-Fi games armed with some dangerous barbed weapons which most likely spit death at every opportunity.

What do you think of their range?

"Regardless of the genre they will most likely be lead by the massive Avatar of Shaah..."

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