Shout ‘Get To Da Choppa!’ In Raid & Trade’s New Mission

November 19, 2014 by brennon

Mage Company show off one of the missions from their game, Raid & Trade. This time around there will be a fair bit of shouting "Get To Da Choppa!" as you have to fix the helicopter and escape the city before it falls into ruin...


Helicopter Board

"At the beginning of the game you place the map tiles in a "T" formation and you add the last map tile (the one with the helipad) as the last tile on the row. In each round the map tiles will be destroyed one by one (except the first round) and you have to run fast and collect all the necessary Resources in order to fix the Helicopter. However, this task will be very difficult. You have to protect yourself from the other players and from the bombs that destroy the map tiles and at the same time you must find the appropriate Resources."

You can find out more about the mission and full rules for it will be posted soon. I love the artwork on the tiles with a more comic book style going on throughout the design.

Double Sided Tiles

Talking of tiles the latest stretch goal isn't too far away and it will make the game tiles double sided. As mentioned in the text above the other side will show off a wasteland design. It's great when games can do this with their components as it adds a lot more to the game.

Have you taken a look at this one?

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