More Elves Spring from the Ral Partha Woods

June 19, 2012 by brennon

Some more fantasy miniatures are out from Ral Partha in 15mm for June. Check out some of their Elf range ready to take down anyone who dare enter their sacred woods...

Ral Partha 15mm Elves #1

Ral Partha 15mm Elves #2

Ral Partha 15mm Elves (Treemen)

Some nice old school looking models for your Fantasy gaming. There is a lot more on offer from Swordsmen to Archers, Centaurs to Treemen so any Elf collector can take his or her pick.

Plenty of other races are also covered by Ral Partha so go check out their site.

What do you think of these willowy Elves?

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