Ral Partha Bolster the Dwarven Clans in Demonworld

August 16, 2012 by brennon

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If you're looking to expand your 15mm Fantasy Dwarf army for the Demonworld by Ral Partha then check out these new sets...

Ral Partha Dwarf Clan Veterans

Ral Partha Dwarf Clan Warriors

Ral Partha Dwarf Crossbow Archers

Above are a selection of the troops for the Dwarf Veterans, Dwarf Warriors, and Dwarf Crossbow Archers. I quite like all of them, especially the Crossbowmen who have some fine detail on their bearded faces.

I may have to start adding 15mm Dwarves to my collection.

What do you think about 15mm fantasy wargaming?

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