The War Vixens Hit The Ral Partha Streets Of BlightHaven

September 23, 2014 by brennon

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Ral Partha have put together a new warband collection for your fighting in BlightHaven based on the Demonworld Ice Witch range. See what you think of the War Vixens!

War Vixens

What do you think of this group of warrior women? I think calling them old school would certainly be a good fit but at 15mm that's not bad at all. Alongside the existing collection of warbands you can get quite the eclectic mix of troops out onto the battlefield now.

I quite like the cool barbarian woman at the front alongside the sorceress-come-mage at the back on foot. They would certainly be my two picks from the range.

What it does bring up once again is the idea of using smaller scale 15mm miniatures for role-playing! You could buy this set, use the rest of the miniatures for non-player characters and then the more character driven ones for heroes and villains. And it would take up a lot less space!

Let us know your thoughts below!

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