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Track Your Foes With Reaper’s New Dungeon Dwelling Elf Ranger


Reaper Miniatures continue their exploration of dungeons with another hero for June. Here we have the Elf Ranger, Lanaerel Grayleaf who is their miniature for this month…

Dinosaur Warriors Added To Reaper Minis Dark Heaven Range


We all know that Dinosaurs rock. In fact, they are probably one of the coolest things ever…since they actually existed!

First Deadly Swordsman Reaper Con Miniature Previewed


For Reaper Con this year, Reaper Miniatures are going to be producing another set of awesome exclusive miniatures.

Don’t Disturb Reaper’s Dungeon Dwelling Cairn Wraith


When you adventure down into a barrow, cairn, crypt, dungeon or something of that ilk DON’T disturb the bodies of the dead. If you do, you might wake the Cairn Wraith from Reaper Miniatures.

Go Thieving With Reaper’s Stitch Thimbletoe Halfling Thief


As the special miniature for April this year, the team at Reaper Miniatures have added Stitch Thimbletoe into the mix!

Pesky Bloodbite Goblins Added To Reaper’s Dungeon Dwellers


Reaper Miniatures continue their year of monthly Dungeon Dweller releases with their models for March. Here we have the pesky looking Bloodbite Goblins, set to ambush you down in the dark.

Adventure With Reaper’s Dungeon Dwellers Throughout 2018


Reaper Miniatures ran their Anniversary collection last year, and since it went so well they’re doing something similar this year with the Dungeon Dwellers collection!

Reaper Miniatures Show Off Final Anniversary Hero For 2017


The final miniature in the Anniversary Hero collection from Reaper Miniatures for 2017 has been announced as Ametrine Earthlyte.

A Mighty Dwarf Warrior Graces Reaper In November


Reaper Miniatures have shown off their special miniature for November, Dain Deepaxe.

Reaper Show Off Painted Con Miniature Sophie


Reaper Miniatures showed off the painted version of their awesome Convention miniature, Sophie, which will be available from ReaperCon which hits this weekend.

Cast Spells With Reaper’s October Anniversary Elf Wizard


Reaper Miniatures has now added their Anniversary Miniature for October to their webstore. Meet Lysette, Elf Wizard as a celebration of their twenty-five years in the business.

ReaperCon Hits Next Month On 19th – 22nd October!


Reaper Miniatures are celebrating all things awesome next month with ReaperCon hitting from the 19th – 22nd October 2017.

Diva The Blessed Is Reaper’s September Anniversary Hero


Reaper Miniatures continue their anniversary collection this month with Diva The Blessed, an awesome Cleric/Paladin character for you to drop into your games.

Reaper’s Crusaders Ready Their Weapons For Battle


Reaper Miniatures added to their Dark Heaven range with some ace looking Crusaders equipped with all manner of different weapons.

Weekender: Learning Farmer’s Guild Tactics & Strange Dungeon Monsters On Kickstarter


We talk with Steamforged about
some tactics for the Farmer’s
Guild & More!

Elanter The Lost Prince Is Reapers Exclusive August Miniature


Continuing their year anniversary, Reaper Miniatures has added Elanter The Lost Prince as their August release. You will be able to snap him up this month and with orders over a specific amount.

The Reaper Bones 4 Kickstarter Heads Off For An Epic Adventure


The Reaper Miniatures Bones 4 Kickstarter, also known as Mr Bones Totally Epic Adventure, has now launched on Kickstarter offering up a whole new range of miniatures for you to drop into dungeon delves and beyond.

Reaper Miniatures’ Fire Demon Coming To Bones 4 Kickstarter


Reaper Miniatures has shown off their newest Bones 4 Kickstarter preview with the monstrous Fire Demon sculpted by Tim Hill.

More Fantasy Teasers Pop Up For Reaper’s Bones 4 Campaign


Reaper Miniatures has shown off some more teasers of what’s coming to their Reaper Bones 4 Kickstarter campaign which will launch later this summer in August.

Prepare For Reaper Bones 4 Coming In August!


As if the mountains of plastic models you had from Reaper Miniatures wasn’t enough, they are coming back to Kickstarter in August for Reaper Bones 4!

Summon Spells With Reaper’s July Anniversary Wizard


Continuing their anniversary period celebrating twenty-five years of Reaper Miniatures they have shown off the model for July. Meet Darius The Blue!