Dark Haven & Pathfinder Become Reaper’s Focus This Month

December 2, 2014 by brennon

Reaper Miniatures help add more heroes and villains to your Dark Haven and Pathfinder collections with a set of new miniatures for the month of December...

Nazera Bloodraven, Vampire

Sister Lana, Healer

Blink Berenwicket, Female Gnome

First up we have (in order) Nazera Bloodraven the Vampire, Sister Lana the Healer and Blink Berenwicket who is one of those cheeky Gnomes. I think of all of them both Bloodraven and Blink are my favourites, especially Blink. You don't often seen Gnomes clad in heavy armour so this is a neat change.

Vagorg, Half Orc Sorcerer

Koya Mvashti

On the Pathfinder side of things we have both Vagorg the Half-Orc Sorcerer and the rather superbly painted Koya Mvashti who appears as if she's a key character in a sourcebook adventure of some kind for the role-playing game. It's a shame that the Half-Orc isn't painted up because I think it would have been cool to see how those armour plates look when finished.

What do you think of these offerings?

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