Diva The Blessed Is Reaper’s September Anniversary Hero

September 4, 2017 by brennon

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Reaper Miniatures continue their anniversary collection this month with Diva The Blessed, an awesome Cleric/Paladin character for you to drop into your games.

Diva The Blessed

It would be fantastic to see someone who has managed to pick up all of these over the year and painted them up so if you know someone who has done that, make sure to get them to show off their prowess in the forums here on Beasts Of War.

I like the look of Diva as a Cleric for your games of D&D or Pathfinder. She has the right stoic and no-nonsense look that you'd expect from a follower of the Gods in a Fantasy world.

What do you make of Diva?

"She has the right stoic and no-nonsense look..."

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