Guns and Deadly Drow from Reaper Miniatures

September 12, 2012 by brennon

The next wave of Reaper Miniatures has hit. Check out the releases from Warlord, Chronosphere and Savage Worlds on their website and get ready to tell some stories...


First up is Arachnilith, the Drow. A great model considering Wizards of the Coast are obsessed with the dark denizens and worshipers of Lolth at the moment. A great monster for your fantasy dungeon crawling adventures.

Delta Force Commando

Old Pete

Then we have the Delta Force Commando and Old Pete from the respective realms of Chronosphere and Savage Worlds. The Commando is a simple enough addition to any modern military force but Old Pete looks fairly fantastic. I could see him appearing in a Steampunk adventure and even into the realms of Sci-Fi.

I love the posh jacket and cloak mixed with the gunslinger attitude.

Do any of these peak your interest?

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