Reaper Gives A Heads Up On July Releases & A Mighty Dragon

June 21, 2017 by brennon

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Reaper Miniatures have given us a look ahead to what's coming in July of this year and it appears as if it's going to be a lot of undead shambling around!

Reaper July Releases

As you can see they have the Lord Of Death who has no doubt brought to life a fair few of those undead warriors. You could imagine that they were at one point an adventuring party that befell some awful trap or were slain by that massive Minotaur.

However, there are also three heroes thrown into the mix who might be going to put an end to that foul necromancer.

A Mighty Dragon

Coming to their Bones range as well we have the utterly insane looking Ma’al Drakar.

Ma'al Drakar

Standing at over twelve inches tall and with a thirteen-inch wingspan, this is one hell of a Dragon to add into the mix. He has some rather awesome backstory too...

"He is myth given form and His names are many: King of Dragons, the Dragon Tyrant, and Father of Hydras. When the gods gave names to their creations, He was among the first: Ma’al Drakar.

He sired the dragon race before the elves sailed the sapphire oceans. When the grasping dwarves raided His hoards, He ripped open their mountains and ground their vaults into dust. When His children were hunted by the elves He burned their forests to embers and slew their greatest heroes. And when He felt the sting of the elves’ most powerful magic, the first hydras, wyverns, and wyrms sprang forth from his blood.

Ma’al Drakar rises from the ash and dust of 10,000 corpses and sweeps over nations like a fiery storm. His scales are harder than steel and as unyielding as the mountains. His fangs are lances, His claws raking thunder and His wings a hurricane. None who have stood against Him have lived. He is timeless, ancient, evil."

This kit will come in sixteen pieces and be easy to assemble thanks to the Bones material. That's always good to know with a massive project like this!

Will you be picking up Ma'al Drakar?

"Coming to their Bones range as well we have the utterly insane looking Ma’al Drakar..."

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