A Massive New Wave of Miniatures from Reaper

February 21, 2012 by brennon

It's that time of the month where Reaper release their new miniatures and there is certainly a lot of them. The following miniatures are from across their ranges.

Battle Herald

Bill Foster Lumberjack


Dark Heaven Anzen Contar


Hill Giant

Horned Hunter

Keryx Cyborg Assassin

Krim the Heretic

Nanuranidd Dark Elf Sorcerer

Ogre Mage

Prairie Tick Queen

Praying Paladin

Ronnie and Reggie

That was a fair few miniatures to pour over from Reaper there. And on a plus side they have decided to paint most of their figures now too! Perfect!

Any of these catch your eye? Name your favourites below...

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