A Pair Of Mighty Dragons Swoop In For Reaper Bones!

March 4, 2015 by brennon

The guys at Reaper Miniatures have two rather big dragon-like offerings for you come March 16th. The start of Reaper Bones Wave II begins and leading the charge are both Khanjira and the Dragons Don't Share diorama set...

Khanjira & Dragons Don't Share

If you want to see what these two look like when they're all put together then check them out below. Both of these are of great quality, even with the soft plastic material used for bones, and they would be brilliant for any role-playing group. Dragon's Don't Share is by far one of my favourite Dragon kits out there...

Dragons Don't Share Diorama

Khanjira The World Breaker

...not a bad pair right? The Reaper Bones line is great and I've picked up a few heroes from them over the last year or so and been pleased. Some of the detail is of course lost but not much and the price is something you certainly can't grumble over.

What do you think of the new sets?

"...they would be brilliant for any role-playing group"

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