Pick Up Reaper Miniatures 25th Anniversary Miniature For January Soon

December 29, 2016 by brennon

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As this marks twenty-five years of creating miniatures for the industry, Reaper Miniatures are going to be releasing a special miniature each month this year. The first for January is this Grim Reaper...

25th Anniversary Reaper

This model was sculpted by Bob Ridolfi and to make sure it's kept as a special it will ONLY be available during the month of January (starting January 1st 2017) this year. So, if this catches your eye keep an eye on the date!

Each of the different sculpts they create will be available as individual purchases or you can get one for free by ordering over a certain amount from their website.

Will you be picking up this Grim Reaper?

"This model was sculpted by Bob Ridolfi..."

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