A Piratical Femme Fatale from Reaper Miniatures

August 7, 2012 by brennon

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Reaper Miniatures are obviously still concentrating on their Bones Kickstarter but that doesn't mean they aren't still churning out miniatures. Check out this latest wave for August...

Finaela Female Pirate

First up is the delightful Finaela the Female Pirate, with a pair of swords and a smirk on her face. Not all dangerous opponents come in black and covered in spikes as I imagine she would give any poor naval officer reason to quake in his boots.


Animal Companions

As well as the pirate there are releases for both Pathfinder and Dark Heaven in the Diabolist and the Animal Companions. While I don't think much of the Animals the Diabolist is a great model for an evil mistress atop her dark tower.

Will you be setting off for plunder and power with Finaela?

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