Reaper Creates Miniatures For The World Of Numenera

June 20, 2014 by brennon

Reaper Miniatures have put together a selection of miniatures for the role-playing world of Numenera by Monte Cook Games and it looks like quite the vibrant and indeed different world. The Kickstarter they ran was incredibly successful too so it has a lot of support. See what you think of the miniatures...





First up we have these four interesting characters. Glaive, Jack, Nano and Varjellen. As it stands I don't think the miniatures are too bad but they are certainly new and original which is nice. I think of the first four Nano and Varjellen are the best of the bunch and I like the idea of Varjellen in some sci-fi capacity as well as in something like their role-playing game.


Flesh & Steel


Aeon Priest

The last four in this first round of releases are for Lattimor, Flesh & Steel, Murden and the Aeon Priest. Once again not overly sold on the miniatures as a whole but Flesh & Steel and Lattimor are pretty good figures for a range of different role-playing games as well as Numenera. I have no idea what's going on with Murden but it's very creepy!

What do you think of these miniatures?

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