Reaper Have New Halloween Promos

October 10, 2011 by dracs

Reaper Miniatures have a new promotion for this Halloween. A trick or treat bag for anyone placing an order this October that exceeds $40!

This bag will include:

  • 1 Small bag of assorted hard candies
  • 1 deck of CAV-themed playing cards
  • 3 Master Series Paint samples
  • 1 Trick or Treat Miniature

The miniature itself will be a Halloween themed miniature for you to use to bring the terror of the season to your table top. However, there will be a 30% chance  that you could end up with a trick instead.

Also, since this October is the Breast Cancer Awareness month, Reaper will also include one Master Series Paint sample of Breast Cancer Awareness Pink!

So guys which will it be? Trick or treat?

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