Reaper Miniatures Unleash More Metal Next Monday!

November 18, 2013 by brennon

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Reaper Miniatures have some more role-playing figures on the way include one deadly Iron Cobra just waiting to strike. All of these will be available from Monday 25th of November so you have some time to work out which one you want...

Esmeria & Witch of the Dark Moors

Genie Binder & Graveknight

First up we have the heroes and villains from the world of Pathfinder. I am a pretty big fan of the Genie Binder and the Graveknight as I reckon they would be awesome on both sides of the alignment coin. The Genie Binder in particular could have a very cool back story.


Barrow Warden Lord

Iron Cobra

On the other side we have these releases for the Dark Heaven Legends collection. In this selection I am inclined to go for the evil choice and that Barrow Warden Lord. I am quite the fan of the undead at the moment and it's awesome using them as a creature in a role-playing game.

You can have plenty of fun with the way they work. For example with this chap you could have that the other undead around him are bound to his spirit and so they can only be truly destroyed by killing him. Do the adventurers concentrate all of their attacks and forgot the mass around them?

What will you be getting?

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