More RPG Reaper Releases For The End Of August!

August 19, 2014 by brennon

Reaper Miniatures have put together another list of releases for the end of August for their Dark Heaven, Chronoscope and Pathfinder range. See what you think of the newest selection!

Western Desert Dragon

Pack Donkey

Dark Heaven gets two beasts that are both equally useful for role-playing. The Western Desert Dragon is useful for Dungeon Masters looking to give their players a bit of a challenge and the Pack Donkey will be a perfect bit of additional flavour to show your heroes where all their belongings are! Then it gets nicked by the Dragon and flown off to some nest somewhere - a new quest!


Jane Porter

Hans and Jane Porter make up the Chronosphere contingent coming this August and will be great as survivors in their various timelines. Hans is certainly a post-apocalyptic survivors and Jane Porter would be perfect for some Pulp genre gaming don't you think? She's got the attire of a big game hunter for sure.

Nolevniss Azrinae

Nidalese Rogue

Not to be left out we're back into the world of fantasy with Pathfinder and the mage Nolevniss and a swashbuckler in the form of the Nidalese Rogue. Both are perfect for both heroes and villains I'd say. They could either be dashing chaotic good players or dastardly and equally charismatic enemies skulking in the shadows pursuing the heroes at every turn!

Will you be picking any of these up for your games?

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