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Take On New Pulp Adventures With Rebel’s Missions Of Tomorrow


Rebel Minis has added to the array of Pulp Adventures you can undertake with a new supplement, Missions Of Tomorrow.

Delve Into Three Pulp Rulesets & Mini-Adventures From Rebel Minis


Rebel Minis has added three new Pulp Rulesets to their collection, each with their own unique themes and interesting twists for your tabletop adventures. Take a peek!

Jump Into The Viper Mech Suits From Rebel Minis


Rebel Minis has now released some more of their Viper Mechs onto the webstore for those looking for a 15mm Mech fix.

Rebel Minis Give Sneaky Look At Upcoming Mech Releases


A selection of new Mech models is going to be available from Rebel Minis in the new year. On social media, they shared one of these Mechs giving you a taster of what to look forward to.

The Gorilla Mech Stomps Into Battle From Rebel Minis


Rebel Minis has now added another Animech to their collection of 15mm Sci-Fi awesomeness. Here we have the Gorilla Mech!

Check Out Rebel Minis’ Rise Of The Animechs Kickstarter


Rebel Minis have taken to Kickstarter to fund a few awesome looking Animechs as they call them. They work equally well for both 15mm and 28mm gaming.

The Snarling Cerebeast Awakens From Rebel Minis


Why face the horror of just one slavering maw looking at you when you could have three? See what you make of the 28mm scale Cerebeast from Rebel Minis.

Weekender: Community Shout Outs & Chart The World Of Dark Age With New Map!


We put the call out for Beasts of War gaming teams and explore the world of Dark Age by exploring their new map.

Rebel Minis Kickstart A Dark Hold Goblin Adventure


Rebel Minis have taken to Kickstarter to fund a new sourcebook for the Savage Worlds universe. Dark Hold: Goblin Adventures looks like it could be a lot of fun!

Rebel Minis Join A Coven Of Forsaken Mystics


Rebel Minis have added some strange Forsaken Mystics to their collection which might be good in both Sci-Fi games as off-world aliens or within a Fantasy game as warped underground Cultists…

The Blight Troll Dwells In The Dungeons Of Rebel Minis


Rebel Minis have shown off a fully painted version of their Dark Hold Blight Troll that will become available soon for use in your Fantasy games.

Enforce The Law With Rebel Minis’ Security Hounds


While you think from the title that you’re about to see some animals the term Hounds in this case is the term given to Rebel Minis’ Earth Force Security…

15mm Zombie Slayers Go Hunting With Rebel Minis


Do you prefer your zombie slaying to be done on a smaller scale but with bigger hordes? See what you think of the next set of Civilian Hunters/Zombie Slayers from Rebel Minis…

The Dark Hold Denizens Grow With Rebel Minis Orc


Rebel Minis have added some more models to the upcoming Dark Hold range which is sculpted by Mikhail Vasilev. The latest addition to the sneak peeks is this Orc who looks like a Shaman of some kind…

Power Up Your Earth Force Widowmaker Battlesuits From Rebel Minis


Rebel Minis have got some big chunky battlesuits for your Sci-Fi wargaming. See what you make of the Earth Force Widowmaker Class Suits below that are made to fit in with 28mm scale armies…

A Chaotic Troll Dominates Dark Hold For Rebel Minis


Rebel Minis have shown off the work that’s going into another Dark Hold miniature with the Blight Troll sculpted by Mikhail Vasilev. It’s quite the deadly looking foe!

Nothing Is True, Everything Is Permitted With Rebel Minis Assassin


Go slinking through the streets of the Holy Land with a new Assassin model from Rebel Minis that bears a striking resemblance to a well known killer.

Rebel Minis Add Three New Sets To 15mm Sci-Fi Range


Rebel Minis bring out three sets of miniatures for use in 15mm gaming within the Sci-Fi realm. Which of these sets would you use?

Rebel Minis Gather A New 15mm Lizardman Army


Rebel Minis march out to war with another 15mm army. This time it’s the Lizardman army complete with a cruel and dangerous black dragon.

The Valonian Infantry Begin Their Invasion With Rebel Minis!


Rebel Minis have added some alien infantry to the battlefield to fight against the humans they released earlier in the month!

Join The Earth Force Infantry Soldiers From Rebel Minis!


Rebel Minis have drafted you into the Earth Force Infantry in 28mm scale and you’re about to go fight some bugs!

Got Goblins? Dark Hold Goblin Adventurers Miniatures Do


New variety of goblins arrive on the Kickstarter scene. Dark Hold Goblin Adventurers Miniatures offer 18 different characters, personalities and classes to add goblins to your tabletop games and RPG’s.

Rebel Minis Unleash Their Inner Wolf


Rebel Minis have released a new set of 15mm scale werewolves to go terrorizing anyone who would dare venture into the wild places of the world.

Mini-Walkers Stomp Off Rebel Minis Production Line


Rebel Minis have been showing off some of their Walkers for your smaller scale gaming. Do you like the models or are they a miss?

Hover Onto The Battlefield Thanks To Rebel Minis


See if the new tanks from Rebel Minis have made your shiny syndrome rise to the surface. Hover or Grav? Your choice!

Rebel Minis Sound A Call For The Rangers Of The West


See what you think of these warriors from the west thanks to Rebel Minis.

Rebel Minis Build a 15mm Steampunk British Empire


Rebel Minis have released a set of 15mm British Steampunk Infantry so you can build an empire in a world of Victorian Romance.

Scout Ahead With Rebel’s Titan Recon Unit


Check out the new Rebel Minis set which adds to the armies of Titan.

Guard Our Miniature Planet With 15mm Earth Force Command


Check out some more awesome miniatures from Rebel Minis. I love the look of these and they would be perfect for a range of 15mm games.

Rebel Minis Get You To 15mm Battle With The Titan APC


Check out a new vehicle for the Rebel Minis Sci-Fi line. I quite like the miniatures and this vehicle is no exception, although it could do with a bit of touching up.

Rebel Minis Bring Together A Necromatic Undead Host


Check out a new collection of undead warriors from Rebel Minis. Are these the corpse-like host for you?

Take To The Smaller Sci-Fi Battlefield With Rebel


Check out these awesome looking additions to the Rebel Minis line. I have a soft spot for those Pseudo-Starcraft Mechs/Soldiers!