Red Box Games’ Barbarian Hordes Kickstarter Ends Today!

March 20, 2015 by brennon

Red Box Games have nearly come to the end of their latest Kickstarter to fund more bodies for the Barbarian Hordes! See what progress they've made on some of the stretch goal figures below and then head on over to pledge. There's only half a day left, if that!


The Berserkers are the newest addition to the line-up and the sculpting for them has been coming along well. Pictured in a variety of different poses above they will be carrying some fearsome looking double handed weapons with which to smash the enemy.

Helsvakt Rider

As well as the Berserkers Tre also went back to the drawing board with his rider and he's looking a lot better, and indeed a lot more in scale, with the horse underneath him. Quite the powerful looking unit and I could see him as part of a diorama, smashing his way through a line of infantry.


Showing off the scale of these warriors Tre also put them up against a Space Marine as a comparison. Even in True Scale these warriors stand at the same height as an Adeptus Astartes so they are pretty big warriors when you think about it!

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