Red Box Games Talk Hordes Of HelsVakt Barbarians

May 29, 2014 by brennon

Red Box Games have conquered the Kickstarter demon and are working on getting a whole load more HelsVakt Barbarians onto your tabletop in the near future. See what you think of some of their preview sculpts they showed off on Facebook...

HelsVakt Hordesmen

HelsVakt Hero

HelsVakt Hordesmens without Shields

Barbarian Unhelmeted

As you can see a whole range of amazing miniatures are coming together very nicely from Red Box Games. The amount of work and detail that goes into these sculpts is brilliant and I can't wait to see this whole range end up on their webstore.

HelsVakt Archer

If you're looking to put together a skirmishing band of warriors from the North then you probably can't go too far wrong with these guys. Top that off with some Archers they've been working on as well and you have most aspects covered!

Do you like the Red Box style?

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