Red Box’s Barbarian Horde Kickstarter Funded & Ending Soon!

June 20, 2014 by brennon

Red Box Games' Barbarian Horde Kickstarter is coming to a close over the next few days and they have unlocked pretty much everything they wanted to! See what you think of the heroes and more that are available for you to pick up...

Bloody Garm


Hakar the Horrible

Svartulf the Savage

First up we have these very, very cool heroes that have a range of different weapons. I think of the whole lot my favourite would have to be Bloody Garm (the top most image) with his mace and shield, very cool. As well as him it is hard to pass up Svartulf the Savage with his upcoming massive sword.

Hordesmen Kit

Draugr & HUGE Miniature

Above is what you actually get your hands though in the Barbarian Hordesmen Kit. These might be a bit too expensive to work into a larger army but they would be brilliant for something more skirmish based. Away from that they have also done some work on the undead Draugr which makes me want there to be a Skyrim based game, and something huge that you can see standing next to said undead fiend.

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