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New Faction Sets Available For Metal King Studio’s RelicBlade


Metal King Studio has put together new Faction Sets for you to use in RelicBlade. After some successful fundraising campaigns, they’ve now brought these models to their webstore for you to snap up.

You Won’t Be Roasting Metal King’s Pig Warlord On A Spit!


Added as part of the stretch goals for their latest Kickstarter campaign, Metal King Studio has shown off the work on their Pig Warlord which who will no doubt cause havoc for your adventurers on the tabletop.

Weekender XLBS: Making A Games Workshop & WizKids Baby


Grab a towel because we’re about
to give birth to another XLBS!

Learn The Lore Behind RelicBlade’s Stonekin From Metal King Studio


It’s time to delve into some lore ahead of the Kickstarter for Metal King Studio’s RelicBlade hitting in October. Oh, and seeing a final painted miniature too!

Metal King Studio Show Off New Wilderkin For RelicBlade


As well as The Wretched Hive, another faction of models is also coming to the world of RelicBlade from Metal King Studio when their Kickstarter campaign arrives. Meet The Wilderkin!

Metal King Studio Preview New RelicBlade Kickstarter


Metal King Studio is heading back to Kickstarter with a new project for RelicBlade. Here we have the first look at The Wretched Hive which is coming to you on October 13th!

The New Mangrove Basilisk Monster Stalks Into RelicBlade Soon


Metal King Studio is gearing up for their next Kickstarter to build on the world of RelicBlade. With that in mind, here’s the preview of their deadly looking Mangrove Basilisk!

The Iguan Poacher Goes Hunting In Metal King’s RelicBlade


Metal King Studio has been building up its game, RelicBlade, over the last few months and it’s growing into quite the community. Looking ahead they have just finished work on the Iguan Poacher, ready to go hunting.

Metal King Releases The Seeker’s Handbook For Relicblade


Metal King Studio has started releasing wave two which includes the new campaign book, The Seeker’s Handbook.

Relicblade: Wonders & Horrors Coming Soon From Metal King


Expanding upon their world of RelicBlade the folks at Metal King Studio are soon going to be releasing their Wonders & Horrors book which adds campaign rules and much more.

Metal King Add The Eel Sorcerer To Relicblade’s The Deep Expansion


Metal King are closing in on the last few days for the Bone & Darkness Expansion Kickstarter to Relicblade and with that a new character for The Deep which is an add-on for the campaign.

The Shark Warrior Emerges From The Depths For RelicBlade


Metal King Studio’s RelicBlade gets itself a new hero for their Bone & Darkness Kickstarter campaign. Here we have the Shark Warrior which might be a hero Warren would be interested in!

The RelicBlade Bone & Darkness Kickstarter Hits This Weekend


The newest RelicBlade Kickstarter from Metal King Studio will be hitting this weekend on October 15th. With that, we’re getting a new character for you to face and some shambling undead creatures too.

Metal King Studio Show Off New RelicBlade Lone Guard Heroes


Metal King Studio have shown off the final designs for some of their heroes which are going to be part of the RelicBlade Kickstarter, Bone & Darkness, launching on October 15th.

Bone & Darkness Expansion Comes To Metal King’s RelicBlade


Metal King Studios have revealed that they will be back on Kickstarter to fund RelicBlade’s Bone & Darkness Expansion bringing more undead goodness to their Fantasy world.

RelicBlade’s Ranger & Fighter Ready For An Adventure


RelicBlade’s creators Metal King Studios have shown off the finished render work for their Ranger which also turned into a sculpt for the Fighter too.

Work Begins On The Ranger For Metal King’s RelicBlade


The world of RelicBlade continues to live and breath as the team get back to sculpting up a new hero for the game. Metal King Studio have shown off the work going into the Ranger.

The Relicblade Two Player Battle Set Now Available From Metal King


If you have been following the progress of Metal King Studio then you’ll know they have been working very hard on the Relicblade universe and their Two Player Battle Set to life.

RelicBlade Takes Shape As Metal King Show Off Fancy Boxed Game


Things are going really well for the folks at Metal King Studio as they showed off what the swanky box is looking like for their Two Player Battle Set which will introduce people to the world of RelicBlade.

Metal King Send Forth Ace Miniatures For Relic Blade


Metal King Studio have now got to the stage where they have been looking ahead to additional characters for Relic Blade.

Metal King’s Dark Wanderer Takes Shape For Relic Blade


Metal King Studio have shown off the render work going into bringing the Dark Wanderer of Relic Blade to life. Here we have a dangerous looking individual with an undoubtedly mysterious past.