New Hatriya Warriors & Mighty Dahon Roar Into Life For Relic Knights

March 17, 2015 by brennon

Soda Pop Miniatures have added some more warriors and a monster to the world of Relic Knights. As well as the Hatriya Warriors you can also now pick up the beast Dahon from their webstore...

Hatriya Warriors

"The martial tradition of the Hatriya Warriors extends back to the Noh’s distant past, even before they became the Children of Nozuki. Warriors without peer, the Hatriya value discipline and honor above all else. There is no greater joy than to send a worthy enemy to meet Nozuki at the end of their blade."


"The behemoth Dahon is a belligerent juggernaut of destruction. Even the the greatest beastmasters can never fully control a Dahon. Instead, they merely attempt to point it in the correct direction and allow it to trample and gore everything in its path."

While I'm not overly fond of the look of the Hatriya Warriors, I think their armour is a bit strange looking and distracting rather than complimenting the rest of the miniature, I think that Dahon is an awesome beast and I'd love to have him in my collection even though I don't play Relic Knights!

Now, someone needs to paint up Dahon so he isn't just all orange and give him some insanely well painted armour plates and a slick maw!

What do you think?

"I think that Dahon is an awesome beast and I'd love to have him in my collection"

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