New Relic Knight Releases For April Take Shape

April 8, 2016 by brennon

Ninja Division have shown off the Relic Knight releases for April in their lovely resin forms. You can't pick them up just yet but it won't be long until these model from their webstore...

Avast, The Corsairs!

Leading the way from these releases we have the Corsairs and this rather awesome looking character, Jenner the Seeker.

Corsairs Jenner the Seeker

Something about the mask makes me think that they aren't the nicest of people but I imagine it does a lot to put people off when you're robbing them as a Corsair. The sword is frankly rather awesome and I don't think blades can ever be too big in anime.

At the other end of the spectrum we have the Corsairs Rustbucket which doesn't look half as 'flashy' as Jenner above.

Corsairs Rustbucket

I imagine with that big gun and the tinkering fingers of the Corsairs however this can be quite the dangerous foe to face on the tabletop.

'Noh' One Here...

After you've forgiven me for that joke we have this chap, the Noh Empire Har Ancient. He is a little different from the other releases since most of him is organic rather than big chunks of metal.

Noh Empire Har Ancient

Still, anyone in the know will be able to tell me just how deadly this chap can be on the tabletop. He certainly looks rather spooky and I wouldn't want to run into him on a dark night.

Which would be your pick from these three miniatures?

"The sword is frankly rather awesome and I don't think blades can ever be too big in anime..."

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