Soda Pop Ready Their Relic Knights Kickstarter Miniatures

July 17, 2013 by brennon

Soda Pop Miniatures are readying their Kickstarter miniatures for Relic Knights and you can check out some of the work-in-progress pieces below as they near completion.




Above we have a few of the basic sculpts right now. They have even been working on the Marie-Claude figure too done up in proper anime style. The Paragon is also awesome even if he does seem to have a lollipop as a weapon.

Royal Wrecker


Harbonath - Void Reaper

Candy's Relic

On the larger side of things there are these figures above. Harbonath is certainly one of the most original looking miniatures I've seen in a while and it has a little bit of the Kingdom Death feeling about it don't you think?

The range seems to be coming together well and it will be good to see these move through the process and get themselves painted!

Which is your favourite so far?

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