A First Look At The Nuem Domini For Tor Gaming’s Relics!

June 21, 2013 by brennon

Tor Gaming have sent out this image to backers only on their Kickstarter but we've been sent it as a little bit of an exclusive! Check out the Nuem Domini work-in-progress sculpt below for Relics!

Nuem Domini

This crazy contraption is another step down the road to insanity for the Nuem faction. They really are a race of odd Dwarves! The finished model will of course come with another robotic arm, hopefully with a different weapon to use.

The Nuem were a very interesting departure from the other factions in Relics giving it a much darker edge, and I like that. You can certainly see that with this creation, some poor soul being plugged into the machinery.

What do you think?

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