Pre-Order New Huntawalu for Relics

September 18, 2011 by dracs

Tor Gaming have put up pictures of the latest addition to the Vaettir faction in Relic, the Huntawalu.

These twisted monstrosities belong to a sect of sorcerers, considered mighty even amongst the Vaettir.

They stalk the land seeking their vengeance on the peoples of Relicia who they hold responsible for their demise, blinded by their own arrogance they are unable to realise that it was their own meddling which brought about their doom. Quick to unleash their furious anger upon their enemies, they have become natural leaders amongst the shattered Vaettir and they lead them forth into battle with unrivalled passion.

These are now available for you to pre-order and will be released in 16 days.

So what are you waiting for? Click the following link to pre-order yourself one of these and bring the wrath of the Vaettir down on the younger races.

Huntawalu Pre-Order

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