Relics Scenarios Available to Download

August 29, 2011 by dracs

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Tor Gaming have now got a selection of scenarios for Relics available for you to download.

Here is just a few of the nine scenarios available in the current download:

  • Take and Destroy - The Vaettir have discovered that their enemy has taken a sacred site, and defiled it with their own structure. They must now retake the site and destroy the abomination that has been erected nearby.
  • Guerillas in the Mist - An Orcnar scouting force is lying in wait to assault an approaching enemy force that is marching towards their frontlines to provide reinforcements.
  • The Boom & Bang Brigade - The Britanans want two enemy structures destroyed; time to call in the Boom & Bang Brigade.

So what are you waiting for? Just click the following link to get to the Relics downloads, get playing and let us know what you think of them.

Relics Scenario Download

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