Superb Relic Pre-Orders from Tor Gaming for the End of Summer!

September 7, 2012 by brennon

Tor Gaming have a great range of Relics releases all ready for pre-order on their webstore. This twined with their Goodbye Summer Sale means that it's a great time to get your hands on some Relics models...

Dedicatus I

Dedicatus II


Specialis Pueri I

First up are the pre-orders for these Nuem miniatures. Dark and twisted and thoroughly enjoyed by all during the concept process. But that's not all that's up for pre-order! Check out these faction wide releases which still need a lick of paint but look great!

Vaettir Cylod

Orcnar Spatga

Nuem Tormenta

Britanan Highlanders

Ah I love the Britanan miniatures every time I see them. The Cylod is also pretty special, and one of those models that could also be used as a elemental too. Some superb models for throughout the whole of September!

Will you be picking up some Relics this September?

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