Tor Gaming Keep Their Eye On the Relic Objective

March 27, 2014 by dracs

Tor Gaming have recently announced that they will be bringing out a selection of stylised objective markers for the game of Relics.

Portals Objectives

Orcnar Objective Marker

Britanan Objective

Vaettir Objective Marker

Nuem Objective

Each of these objective markers will be appearing in resin, with the possible inclusion of some metal components. Each of the proposed designs matches well with their respective factions, giving you something for your army to fight for.

Of the markers shown here, I think that the Orcnar one has to be my favourite. The other ones, though indicative of their faction, look a little generic. The Orcnar one you can tell is from the world of Relics.

What designs would you have made for these objective markers?

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