Tor Gaming Let Out Their Orcnar’s Feminine Side

June 6, 2013 by dracs

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Tor Gaming are showing off a WIP of a new addition to the Orcnar faction. To say that the Ealdmoder looks different to any other Orcnar model is something of an understatement.


Yeah, it's a granny orcnar.

The mighty Ealdmoder are the honored elders of the Orcnar tribes and their guidance and wisdom is highly valued. Unlike the majority of subspecies within the race of Orcnar, the Ealdmoder are not a genetic variation but are in fact an altogether unique stage of evolution.

To be honest I'm not entirely sure about this model. The sculpt itself has a great level of character and definitely fits with what Tor are trying to achieve. But the head looks very incongruous with the rest of it, like someone found the body and gave it the head of an orc. So yes, I have mixed feelings about this lovely lady.

What do you guys think of the Orcnar Ealdmoder?

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