Unusual New Discovery in the World of Relics

August 23, 2011 by dracs

An unusual new discovery has come to the attention of the Mad King of Britnana.

Puppeteer Bruce and Lieutenant Wayne exchanged a worried look as they caught sight of the strange objects ahead of them. They were like round obelisks constructed from a substance that was neither stone nor metal and their design was totally unlike anything that either of the Britanan veterans had ever seen before.

Could it possibly be the new packaging for the Relics starter sets?

Now you can wield the power of either the Britanan Empire, the Vaettir or the Orcnar. Just crack open a can of wargaming goodness and unleash them upon the table top.

If you want to read more of the Britanan scouting party which discovered these just follow the link to Tor Gaming.

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