View Tor Gaming’s World of Relics with this Awesome Artwork

April 4, 2013 by dracs

Tor Gaming have been showing off some new artwork depicting epic skirmishes between the various factions of their game of stitchpunk carnage Relics.

Relics Banner

While miniatures may be at the heart of wargaming sometimes it is just nice to see a game being brought to life by excellent artwork, and these pieces certainly create the sense of frantic battle we all imagine when playing our games.

Relics Vaettir vs Nuem

Relics Orcnar vs C'thu

These images are still in need of a little colouring, but I think that the style really works with the Relics setting, which is at one and the same time cartoony and gritty.

What are your thoughts? If you ever come across any cool art, fan made or official, let us know.

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