Beware Of Riceball’s Oni Of The Mountains & Forests

August 23, 2013 by brennon

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Riceball Miniatures have made some good looking Halfling Samurai models in the past and it looks like they are branching out into other models too. See what you think of their Oni...

Oni of the Mountain & Forest

The legs are fine, the body is fine, the arms are fine, but what on earth has happened to this things face? I guess they tried to make it look like it was screaming as it battered something but it just looks a little bit terrible I'm afraid.

It's a shame that the horns seem to be part of the hair as well. I think if they had stuck to modelling the face like they do with their Halflings they would have kept the grumpy comical looking going and it could have worked out.

Will you be swinging branches with him?

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