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Ninjas Sneak Into Wave Twenty Six For Bushido


GCT Studios are already looking towards the next wave for Bushido. Ninjas are prevalent in this latest preview with both Ghost and Rin sneaking through castles and taking out warlords with little more than a squeak…

Take A Look Inside GCT Studios’ Rise Of The Kage


GCT Studios have given us a peek inside the final retail contents of Rise Of The Kage which was their very successful Kickstarter hit. There’s a whole bunch of models, some nice glossy boards and plenty of tokens…

Time Is Running Out To Get In On Rise of the Kage


GCT Studios latest Kickstarter, Rise of the Kage will be closing its backerkit soon. This will be your last chance to get on the project before it goes to retail.

GCT Preview the Plastics of Rise of the Kage


GCT Studios have some good news for the backers of Rise of the Kage as they show off the WiPs for some of the plastic miniatures.

Rise of the Kage Approaches its Final Days for Pre-Order


Rise of the Kage, the upcoming board game based in the Asian fantasy world of Bushido, is entering its final ten days of pre-order availability through the backer kit and to mark this GCT Studios have shown off some new art.

GCT Show Off More Elite Guards For Rise Of The Kage


It’s time to boost the defences of your masters castle with some more Elite Guards for Rise of the Kage. Will you side with the Samurai or the Ninja?

GCT Studios Set a Date for Rise of the Kage’s Pledge Manager


GCT Studios’ board game Rise of the Kage enjoyed a high level of success on Kickstarter and now they have announced the date for their Pledge Manager, along with a new piece of artwork.

Rise Of The Kage Funded With Over 134 Models!


As the Rise of the Kage Kickstarter is over now but it unlocked a whole bunch of awesome miniatures and plenty of great bonuses for those who backed.

Rise of the Kage Sneaks Up On Its Stretch Goals


Rise of the Kage has managed to get fully funded on Kickstarter and is now making headway towards its stretch goals, two of which will see cool new characters entering the game.

Rise of the Kage Infiltrates Kickstarter!


The time is finally here, the ninja of the Shadow Wind Clan are ready to infiltrate the forces of Ryu in their attempts to assassinate the Daimyo. Rise of the Kage has risen to Kickstarter!

Rin Sneaks Out of Rise of the Kage


Only a couple of days left until Rise of the Kage comes to Kickstarter! But in the meantime, another beautiful ninja sculpt has sneaked out of GCT Studio. Keep an eye on the shadows for Rin, from the House of the Bleeding Moon.

Bumbling Guards & Nifty Ninjas Revealed For Rise Of The Kage


Rise of the Kage is looking cooler and cooler and the latest miniatures from this upcoming board game of ninjas and stealth have shown up from within the shadows!

Rise of the Kage’s Board Gets Revealed


There has been a lot of exciting concept art for Rise of the Kage, showing off the minis which will be appearing for both sides of the game, but now we get to see something really interesting; the board where this epic game of assassination will be played.

The Elite Samurai Guard Join Rise of the Kage’s Ranks


We’ve seen two of the guards who will be standing against the ninjas of Rise of the Kage already, but now the Elite are taking the field as the Prefecture of Ryu’s Samurai join the fight.

Strike From Afar in Rise of the Kage


More ninjas and guards have shown up for the Bushido board game Rise of the Kage, with interesting concepts that promise some nice minis in the future.

Meet the Guards Who’ll Block Your Path in Rise of the Kage


Some more artwork has appeared for the upcoming Bushido board game Rise of the Kage showing off the guardsmen of Prefecture of Ryu and the shadowy presence of a Ninja Grand Master.

Two Ninjas Step From Rise of the Kage’s Shadow


The nights are no longer safe as two ninjas have shown up for the Bushido board game Rise of the Kage.

Become a Stealthy Ninja in Bushido’s First Board Game!


GCT Studios have got some exciting news as they are expanding how we can experience the rich world of Bushido with a new stealth based board game. Slink through the shadows in Rise of the Kage.