Bumbling Guards & Nifty Ninjas Revealed For Rise Of The Kage

August 13, 2014 by brennon

GCT Studios have begun showing off some of the miniatures for their upcoming game, Rise of the Kage, that takes on the world of Bushido from a different ninja-based angle!

Novice Guard

Veteran Guard

First up we have two of the guards that are going to be making a stand against the ninjas. The first image is a Novice Guard and the second is a Veteran Guard. These chaps do remind me a lot of Tenchu and the game sounds like its going to be in the same vein.




As well as the guards we have the shadowy ninja slinking into the castle to hunt down their target. Yuto, Shizuka, and Katsumi are three of the deadliest looking miniatures we've seen from the world of Bushido and I can't wait to see some gameplay!

What do you think of Rise of the Kage?

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