Meet the Guards Who’ll Block Your Path in Rise of the Kage

July 21, 2014 by dracs

Some more artwork has appeared for the upcoming Bushido board game Rise of the Kage showing off the guardsmen of Prefecture of Ryu and the shadowy presence of a Ninja Grand Master.

First there is the guard, or novice guard to be more precise.

Novice Guard

The novice guards will probably be the main obstacle ninjas will have to deal with. Although they aren't particularly skilled on their own, they can overwhelm an opponent in sufficient numbers and be a real problem if positioned carefully.

The other piece of artwork revealed is a very atmospheric piece showing a group of ninjas bowing before a grand master.

Ninjas Before the Grand Master

As you can see, the room is pretty well lit, but the master is still hidden in shadows. This makes me hopeful that the ninjas will be able to manipulate the shadows themselves as they try to sneak by.

Are you going to chip in when GCT Studios take this to Kickstarter?

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