Two Ninjas Step From Rise of the Kage’s Shadow

July 18, 2014 by dracs

The nights are no longer safe as two ninjas have shown up for the Bushido board game Rise of the Kage.

Each of these two ninjas approach their mission in a very different way. First there is the weapons master Katsumi.


Described as the most fearsome Shadow Crow, Katsumi will use any weapon that comes to hand and apparently favours swift, open assaults, taking down his enemies in spectacularly brutal fashion.

The ninja Shizuka prefers a very different approach.


Cautious and precise, Shizuka will carefully plan out her missions and stick to the shadows, ensuring that her enemies rarely even know she was there.

These minis will be included as plastic sculpts in Rise of the Kage, although GCT Studios have stated that there will be metal alternatives available through the Kickstarter should people prefer those instead.

Are you looking forward to seeing what else hides in the darkness of Bushido's board game?

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