Rin Sneaks Out of Rise of the Kage

September 4, 2014 by dracs

Only a couple of days left until Rise of the Kage comes to Kickstarter! But in the meantime, another beautiful ninja sculpt has sneaked out of GCT Studio. Keep an eye on the shadows for Rin, from the House of the Bleeding Moon.

Rin House of the Bleeding Moon

Rin is a master of speed, stealth and combat, combining these skills to make her one of the deadliest ninjas belonging to the House of the Bleeding Moon.

The model here is a pretty good sculpt, capturing Rin in mid dash, her twin Katanas drawn and ready to kill any unwary guards. It matches well with the concept art which had already appeared.

Rin Art

Rise of the Kage is heading to Kickstarter soon, and with miniatures like these I am really excited about it. The game play of guards vs ninjas sounds like a lot of fun, so I am looking forward to seeing what comes out of the crowdfunding.

Are you planning to chip into this when it heads to Kickstarter?

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