Rise of the Kage Sneaks Up On Its Stretch Goals

September 12, 2014 by dracs

Rise of the Kage has managed to get fully funded on Kickstarter and is now making headway towards its stretch goals, two of which will see cool new characters entering the game.

The first of these if the campaign's sixth ninja, Kouhei.


This silent ghost allows players to use two different squads, or field a mixture of different ninjas, adding fun new tactical options to your games.

However, the most interesting stretch goal has to be the Dock Boss Minato.

Minato Dock Boss

Minato is the second boss for the game, bringing in a new selection of boss cards with him, providing the guards with new ways to deal with the ninjas.

The best thing about Minato's inclusion is that he opens up possibilities for future "Docks of Ryu" sets, complete with dock guards to help bring a new element and setting to Rise of the Kage.

Have you chipped into this Bushido board game?

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