Strike From Afar in Rise of the Kage

July 27, 2014 by dracs

More ninjas and guards have shown up for the Bushido board game Rise of the Kage, with interesting concepts that promise some nice minis in the future.

First, there is Yuto, a ninja adept at the use of ranged weaponry.


Yuto is a ninja after my own heart, preferring the use of carefully chosen tools, such as caltrops and smoke bombs, in order to disrupt and confuse his enemies and allow him an easier path to his target.

Of course, he won't go uncontested, as some veterans join the force of defenders standing in the ninjas' way.

Veteran Guard

These veterans have survived their time as novice guards, during which they no doubt had to deal with assassination attempts regularly, so they'll know exactly what to expect from their ninja adversaries.

The more ninja characters I see appearing for this game, the more interesting I find it. It's looking like you will have the option of choosing which ninjas to take to form your team, which should open the game up to some very interesting tactical combos.

Will you plan your attack as a ninja, or try to stop the assassination as a guard?

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