Bushi Miniatures Come To Life For Rising Sun Board Game

January 18, 2017 by brennon

Rising Sun, a big new board game from Eric Lang, is on the way to Kickstarter this year from CoolMiniOrNot and they are now showing off some of the miniatures from the game. Here is the Bushi of the Bonsai Clan.

Rising Sun Model #1

Rising Sun Model #1 (Alt)

So how exactly do these models work in the game? Well, Eric Lang gave up a little snippet of news on that...

"Bushi are the primary force for each player’s Clan, able to dominate the map in both war and harvest time."

There you have it, your main work force in the game!

Rising Sun Model #2

It's also very cool that they have a number of different options for the Bushi in your games so you don't have the same characters walking around the map. I personally prefer this second fellow with his big mace!

Rising Sun Model #2 (Alt)

The models that you're seeing here are the resin miniatures, showing off what they can achieve. When the game eventually comes out it will feature plastic figures.

What do you think?

"Bushi are the primary force for each player’s Clan..."

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