The Terrifying Yurei Rises To Haunt The Rising Sun

October 10, 2016 by dracs

The art for a frightening Yurei, the vengeful spirits of Japanese folklore, has appeared for Cool Mini or Not's Rising Sun.


This design keeps to the iconic points of Yyurei, such as the flowing funeral clothes and long, dark hair covering the face. The addition of the other bodies makes this all the more horrific, almost like something out of Bloodborne.

Reportedly, this Yurei is the spirit of a fallen Daimyo and gives the player the benefits of having a second leader on the field. Definitely a powerful addition to the tabletop.

More Art!

A spate of additional new artwork also joined the Rising Sun collection over the past week or so too...

rising sun art 2

rising sun art 1

The artwork is once again amazing to look at thanks to the hand of Adrian Smith. It's great to see more of the Fantasy elements coming together including the Phoenix!

rising sun art 3

What do you think of their work on this game so far? Has the artwork drawn you in like it did with Blood Rage?

Do you find this Yyurei haunting?

"The addition of the other bodies makes this all the more horrific..."

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