Wonderful Rising Sun Board Game Artwork Pops Up On Social Media

September 7, 2016 by brennon

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Drawing on the skills of Adrian Smith once again Eric Lang's next big board game project, Rising Sun, is looking amazing. Take a look at some of the art previews for the game so far that will give you a taste of what's to come.

Daimyo - Lotus Clan

The first piece we have to look at is of the Daimyo for the Lotus Clan, one of the big factions in the game. He's looking fantastic and in game can be upgraded to fit the kind of playstyle you want to adopt. As you might imagine he also represents incredible strength on the map too as he moves around.

Backing him up will be some of his Bushi which come in both Female...

Lotus Clan Bushi (Female)

...and Male designs which is nice to see. In Blood Rage there was only one all female faction so it's nice to see the genders split up amongst the factions now.

Lotus Clan Bushi (Male)

The Bushi represent your regular warriors that will be amassing during the game and allowing you to take control of portions of the map.

Another of the Clans has also been represented in artwork in the form of the Bonsai Clan. Here you can see one of their Bushi.

Bonsai Clan #1

It seems like you're going to be getting two different variants of Bushi to use as your regular troops on the game board.

Bonsai Clan #2

It certainly helps to have some variety in your 'troops' and elevates things, giving you a nicer vision of what's going on as you play the game.

Demonic Assistance

Last but not least we also have some artwork for the Oni which is a reward for your deeds in game.


However, as has been pointed out online there might be ways to gain the Oni's help by being dishonourable and backstabbing your opponents. We think the design here is amazing and it will be a painters dream to pick this up and get stuck into it.

All of the miniatures, made with the help of Studio McVey look like they are going to be works of art in their own right.

Will you be backing this?

"...we also have some artwork for the Oni which is a reward for your deeds in game"

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