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Pacific Rim: Extinction – Early Development Stages With River Horse


We’re here with Jack and Alessio from River Horse Games to talk about the early development stages of Pacific Rim: Extinction.

Free Gipsy Danger Added To Extinction Pledges For River Horse’s Pacific Rim


River Horse has powered through all manner of additional stretch goals and such for Pacific Rim: Extinction, their new game based on the film series where Jaegers battle against mighty Kaiju.

Dark Crystal Board Game Is Now Available


Do you remember the movie The Dark Crystal? Now you can relive it with this new board game.

Highlander Kickstarter Livestream Hits 19.00 EST Friday


The team at River Horse are going to be running a Livestream 19.00 EST (00:00 GMT) on Friday 26th January.

Highlander: The Board Game Expansions with River Horse


Today we’re sitting down with Jack and Alessio from River horse to find out the exclusive new miniatures and stretch goals for Highlander the Board Game.

Highlander: The Board Game Now On Kickstarter


River Horse are now live on Kickstarter with Highlander: The Board Game. Prepare for The Quickening!

Let’s Play: Highlander – The Board Game


Alessio and Jack show us how to play the upcoming Highlander The Board Game.

Highlander By Riverhorse – What’s In The Kickstarter?


There can be only one…

Deluxe Gaming Pieces Now On Sale For River Horse’s Labyrinth


River Horse has a new release coming soon for Labyrinth which will be something every fan of the game will probably want to snap up. They have designed some Deluxe Gaming Pieces for the game and they look HUGE!

Riverhorse Previews More For My Little Pony Tails Of Equestria RPG


Alessio Cavatore’s Riverhorse has been toiling away at the My Little Pony Tails of Equestria RPG. We get a look at some of the accessories for the game.

Let’s Play Labyrinth The Board Game With Alessio Cavatore


Today we’re opening up and having a play through of the Labyrinth Board Game with Alessio Cavatore from Riverhorse Games.

Let’s Play: Terminator Genisys – The Miniatures Game with Alessio Cavatore


“He may be old, but he’s not obsolete.”

River Horse Is Adding More Goblins To Labyrinth Next Year


River Horse has a new miniatures expansion coming in the new year for Labyrinth.

Ninja Division Announces US Distribution For My Little Pony RPG


Ninja Division and Shinobi 7 have announced they will be providing distribution for the My Little Pony RPG in the U.S. The fantastic RPG by Alessio Cavatore of River Horse will be making its way out to fans in 2017.

The Hunt For Red October Now On Indiegogo From River Horse


The game The Hunt for Red October from River Horse is now live on Indiegogo.

Unboxing: Waterloo – Quelle Affaire!


It’s time we’ve got Alessio to unbox the fantastic Waterloo: Quelle Affaire! from Riverhorse.

VLOG: He’s Back! Alessio Joins Us Talking Terminator


With Alessio Calvatore joining us in the studio with Terminator Genisys from River Horse, we’re starting setting up protocol to prepare ourselves for the Nuclear war.

Sarah Gets Ready For Her Adventure In River Horse’s Labyrinth


River Horse have shared another sculpt from their upcoming Labyrinth Board Game. Here we have Sarah, the hero of the film, in both her unpainted and painted state…