Look To The Future With Osprey’s Rogue Stars

June 18, 2016 by brennon

Later this year Osprey and North Star are joining forces once again to bring Rogue Stars to the tabletop by Andrea Sfiligoi. The game will be an epic Sci-Fi romp where you play as anything from a Human to an Alien Psiconic Knight...

Rogue Stars Cover

Here are some of the notes from the author on this game...

"The game uses an unusual activation system to represent the chaos of combat. In addition to the characters’ distinctive Traits and equipment, squads have unique Themes (what they are and what motivates them) and Tactical Disciplines (how they fight). Figures are highly mobile: jump-packs, flight packs, personal teleportation devices and even psionic jumps all play a role.

No coherence distance between figures is enforced. There is no facing: figures can move, spot targets and fire in a 360° radius."

Which sounds like it might lend itself to some very interesting cinematic experiences on the tabletop. As well as the rules we also saw some model previews like these painted fellows below you might know from the artwork.

Rogue Star Miniatures

Very cool models indeed and I like that we're seeing so many different alien species here as well as the standard Human explorers and rogues. This is another of their new previews too below for the Gunslinger Bot.

Gunslinger Bot

I'm so playing as a group made up entirely of Robots who have rebelled against their masters and are now freedom fighters for the cause trying to win back Robot rights through some nefarious means.

Will you be keeping an eye on this one?

"...it might lend itself to some very interesting cinematic experiences on the tabletop"

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