5E Compatible Dark Fable & Fairy Tale Creatures In Twilight Fables

August 1, 2022 by fcostin

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Have you an interest in grim mythical folklore? Izegrim Creations have gone to Kickstarter with their chunky 5E supplement, choc-a-block with iconic creatures in the nature of the dark and twisted.

Book Preview - Twilight Preview

Book Preview // Twilight Preview

With content bursting at the seams, stripping the whimsy back to classic in a dark, dangerous and mysterious creatures lurk amongst the pages of Twilight Fables. With over 200 creatures spread across a highly detailed, wonderfully illustrated supplement. Features the usual fantastical mythical suspects alike Trolls and Hobgoblins, alongside well-known fable foes like Hansel & Gretel and a wide bank of strange and unusual beings.

Contents Preview - Twilight Fables

Contents Preview // Twilight Fables

If you want to get the full experience of the book, there is also an adventure path campaign embedded, plus a chance to customise your character with a wide selection of options. Including new species, feats, spells, class options and more. Plus, if you do want to make treasure hunting your priority - there are a ton of different Mythological Treasures to seek that are included in the book too.

Tatzelwurm Book Preview - Twilight Fables

Tatzelwurm Page Preview // Twilight Fables

There are options for both digital and physical pledges whether you want to stack up your shelves or files. Also if you are interested in the physical hardback, be sure on checking out the different pledges depending on where in the world you are, with shipping making amendments outside of the US.

Twilight Fables Kickstarter - Izegrim Creations

Twilight Fables Kickstarter // Izegrim Creations

The dark and sinister theme runs throughout, so if you are looking for a fluffy and colourful fantasy fairytale checklist for a young adventuring team - Twilight Fables takes a step back from the modern and into the grim and gritty. And would be better suited for savage, mature adventurers who are prepared to be uncorrupted by the supernatural beings within the pages of Twilight Fables.

The campaign was funded within the first 24 hours of being live on Kickstarter. With 17 days left on the clock and well passed the initial funding goal.

As the book is being released this October, if you are DM and looking for a creature to track down for the festive season. I heard Krampus can be incredibly accommodating over Christmas... especially for adventurers who have been misbehaving throughout the year!

"With over 200 creatures spread across a highly detailed, wonderfully illustrated supplement..."

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