Adventuring Dwarves from Stonehaven Miniatures

June 29, 2012 by brennon

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Here's an interesting Kickstarter than popped up and immediately drew my attention (can you imagine why?). Stonehaven Miniatures are looking to produce a line of Dwarven Adventurers for your Role-Playing games...

Dwarf Adventurers

This was the original line up that was looking to get produced, but they have already bust their Kickstarter target and are now looking for a little more.

Dwarven Mechanist

Above is just one of the extra models they want to produce, the Dwarven Mechanist. There are targets for a Necromancer, Bard (my favourite), and a Druidess as well if you want to pledge towards this company.

All the models will come in 28mm scale and would work as adventurers in a role-playing game or as leaders of units in a large fantasy army.

I quite like the mix between realistic fantasy and slightly cartoon in these miniatures but it will be interesting to see how the miniatures turn out.

Stay tuned for more from this Dwarven enclave!

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Supported by (Turn Off)